Island Girl Charters: Alabama’s #1 Deep Sea Charter Fishing Experience

For over 20 years Island Girl Charters has been the leader in Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing Trips.  Come have the opportunity catch Red Snapper, Grouper, Triggerfish, Mackerel, Tuna, Marlin, Cobia and much more. Book your fishing adventure today and catch big fish.

What kind of fish can I expect to catch?

Every offshore deep sea fishing trip that we provide offers the opportunity to catch many different species of fish.  While longer trips generally afford the ability to catch bigger fish, each fishing charter is sure to provide you with lasting memories and a cooler full of fish filets.  Located right on the coast of Gulf Shores, Alabama we a short drive from Pensacola, Mobile and most of the Gulf Coast.

Below is a small list of some of the different types of fish you have the chance to catch while deep sea fishing on Island Girl Charters.

  • Red Snapper
  • Grouper
  • Triggerfish
  • Mingo Snapper
  • Amberjack
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Ready to have Fun and Catch Big Fish?

If you’ve been looking for something fun and entertaining to do with the family, co-workers or a group of friends, it’s hard to beat a Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip aboard Island Girl. Our trips are perfect for all ages and nothing is more exciting than reeling in a big Snapper, Grouper or Amberjack.  Call us today at 251-979-0337 to book your fishing trip today.


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The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting around Orange Beach, AL. The fishing has been good, but sometimes it was a little easier than others. Our fishermen put in a lot of hard work and made it happen on the tough days. Thanks to everyone that has fished with us so far this season!
There was a bit of a weather event that kept us in port for a few days, but we have been back after them for a couple of days now. The season on red Snapper will be closing on 8/01, so if you want to get in on some good red Snapper fishing, give us a call to set something up before the end. We have a few slots left before the finally.


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What does it cost and is it a day trip 1/2 day trip?

Nice catch

Y'all did ok but look at mine

Real good pictures and good catchs

Hayden Hyatt good luck deep sea fishing

Abraham Lincoln

Blake Tarpley. We need to go get on these red snappers

Braedon Mendoza we should do this

Daniel Ellis looks like a good trip

Bobby Waldrop look at these monster reds!

Rodrigo Barrientos let’s go

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2 months ago

Island Girl Charters

Another week of Red Snapper season has passed on. There were a few days that were not the greatest on the weather side of things, but the fishing turned out to be pretty good. Some days we really had to work at it, but once again Carleton and our anglers brought in some really nice catches. We still have availability during this last month of Red Snapper season, as well as into the later months for amberjack. Please give us a call or send an email for information on our fishing charters.


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June 10 2016, unforgettable trip on the Island Girl, awesome trip

Best captain, best deck hand June 28

Pete Barham

How much for10 hr

You have any available dates in July on a sat for red snapper fishing

How much is that Charter where y'all located

6 people 10 hours how much

Some big snapper

What a the price for 2 adults and a 5 year old would like to go catch some reds

Where you located

Red Fish. Yum. Yum.

Jeremy Ellis

Shelly Jones Phillips, y'all better get on thoses red snapper

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2 months ago

Island Girl Charters

We have had a really good week of fishing on the Island Girl. Half day and full day trips have produced some nice catches of Red Snapper. On the full days, we have brought in scamp and vermillion Snapper to go with the Red Snapper. Thanks to everyone that has fished with us so far this year, and we look forward to everyone that we have booked for the rest of the season. There are still days available this summer. If you would like to book a fishing trip, please give us a call. I am having problems with getting emails. We are working to fix the problem. If you have not gotten a response to an email. PLEASE, call me!!!


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We have a private charter booked with you in July!! We are looking forward to fishing with you as always. We’ve never been disappointed!!

How much for 1/2 day and how much for full day. Also what days do you have open for Red Snapper. Very interested

6hr-$1,600. 8hr-$2,000. 10hr-$2,450. 12hr-$2,950. The prices will cover up to 10 people. Additional passengers are charged 10% of base price per person with a maximum of 20 passengers. I have weekdays mostly available, but I do have a few Sundays.

Very Nice

Good eating

Kelly Garrison Bishop

Beau Cluse check this out here I’m ready to go on one

Antrung Thai

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The Best Charter Experience in Orange Beach!

Fishing aboard the Island Girl offers safe, clean fun for families, friends, coworkers and more.  Let our captain guide you to the big fish while you enjoy the trip out and bet who will catch the biggest fish.  Once it’s time to go fishing, our experienced deck hands will help show you how to get the big ones to bite and show you how to fight them up to the boat.  The tug on the rod is enough to excite all ages and nothing is more satisfying than cooking up your catch while you tell fish stories of how the biggest one got away and how much fun you had while fishing in Orange Beach.

  • Great fun for the entire family!
  • A great team building experience for companies!
  • A great bonding opportunity for all ages!

  • Safe, Clean fun for bachelor parties or graduation.
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